Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9. Advertising Industry in Coimbatore

Advertising and Exhibitions in Coimbatore
(Print and Electronic Media)

Advertising is a special field of business activity in Coimbatore. They bring more people into the business and convert them as customers. There are thousands of advertisers in multifarious printing jobs. Let us start with small to big. You know the printing ads start with small labels on the products. They are directly printed on the packages or made as stickers. You can witness this kind of stickers everywhere on the products.

Labels and Stickers:

All the products sold in the department stores will have stickers to advertise the product by saying like “NEW” or “10% OFF”. Likewise, small labels on the products or posters on the walls of the retail stores will say “SPECIAL OFFER” or “GET ONE FREE TOOTH BRUSH” with the paste. There are big posters and banners or card board hanging tanglers

Hand bills and Posters:

In Coimbatore, the printing of labels, hand bills, cards, and posters are distributed widely. But, one could see a good number of small off-set printing presses working in the streets of Gandhipuram. The streets numbering from One to Ten of Gandhipuram in the heart of Coimbatore city have plenty of Desk Top Publishing computer offices. There are number of paper merchants in this area selling papers and boards besides printing inks and screen printing accessories.

Flex boards and Hoardings on Coimbatore streets:

Coimbatore has huge printing presses also which print bigger posters, banners made of flex sheets. Gigantic sized hoardings are printed with computer technology and made with iron-piped frames. There are a lot of advertising agents and ad board makers in Coimbatore.

There are a number of leading English and Tamil news papers being published from Coimbatore. News paper ad agents are active with their collection of ads from the small and big companies. Political parties and cinema industries engage in distribution of printed flex banners to all the areas in the city for displaying at strategic positions.

We can see some painting artists still write and draw tin sheet boards and display them on the shops for durability. More or less the tin sheet boards and hoardings are gone by the introduction of flex boards and computerized printing.

Coimbatore Local Radios and Televisions:

There are local FM Radio stations which broadcast advertisements of leading retail business houses. The textile and silk saris and jewelery shops of Coimbatore city invariably make local radio and television advertisements.

Telemarketing by using land line and mobile phones has grown up in this Coimbatore city to get new customers. There are call centers and telemarketing offices to make cold calls to initiate the buying process.

Coimbatore Industrial exhibitions:

Very extensive exhibition halls are used by Codissia (Coimbatore District Small Scale Industries Association) for exhibiting (IN-TECH) industrial and domestic machines and products. They conduct AGRI-TECH exhibition also to disseminate information on modern agricultural technologies. In community halls, the NGOs and clubs associate themselves with organizers to conduct special exhibitions on agricultural, domestic, electronic and industrial products.

There are exhibitions on Coimbatore cotton and pure silk saris, dress materials and cotton made-ups. There are weekly and daily markets to display and sell knitted garments in bulk and retail. Some hotels and cultural centers organize small exhibition and sale of handicrafts, brass wares, drawings and pictures.

Thus the print and electronic media with exhibitions help all the enterprises to get introduced to newer things and also to create scope for marketing their commodities in a big way.

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